PM.Project : Issue 51 : You Have the Talent to Make It in Project Management!

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Many people marvel at project management and certified project managers. Don’t be! I am just like you and have probably started where you are at and with less resources. However, I have made and I am very confident that you will make it too because you have PM.Expert and plenty of resources!  


I started my project management journey over 7 ½ years ago in April 2010. I started learning about project management because one of my colleagues received her promotion studying it. I did not even eye the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification because at the time it cost too much money for me. $425 exam fee was way too much for me so I went with the CAPM exam for $225 (I ended up failing the CAPM the first time so I guessed that I was right). This cost was one of the reason why I created PM.Expert as a low cost way of educating people in who want to take the test. Here is the video about what earning my CAPM helped me. See I am just like you. You can do it too!




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