Project Management + Content Creation = Authority

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I have received so many new opportunities due to my content creation. All of my blogs, podcasts, and videos have had brands beating down my door!  I know that some may think that project management and content creation don’t mix. On the contrary, they do! Besides, you are already creating content. The business cases, statements of work, project plan, and status reports are all content. So why not create content based on your knowledge to position yourself authority?


Here are my steps for applying project management to content creation.  

Initiating – You have an idea or topic that you want to pursue. You’ve surveyed the market and see that it is viable with enough people interested in it. Also, you have identified some stakeholders (readers in the marketplace, email marketing, project management websites, social media, etc.), Since there is a market, the project is authorized.

Planning – You decide to write 5-10 short posts this December before your site goes live in January. Afterward you intend on writing one weekly post for the first 90 days to establish the writing habit and gain traction. You will also create a weekly newsletter to build your email list.

Executing – You start January 2018 as planned and start seeing results at the end of the 90-day mark. You’ve also republished some of your content on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium.  People are reading your blog posts.

Monitoring and controlling – Upon seeing the progress, you create videos for your top 10 most read blog posts to increase views. Some of these 10 videos become email marketing lead magnets to increase your subscribers.

Closing – You write down what has gone well in the 90-day period. You start planning for the 2nd quarter. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

We, project managers, are planners by nature. I have just shown you how to apply project management to content creation. Resolve now in to start combining project management with content creation to build your authority and get things done!

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