The Three Types of ITIL Change

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In ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), change management is indispensable towards ensuring the your product/service delivers the value to your customer. Any change decreasing the value (aka the quality) of the product/service, and customers complain and/or walk away to your competitors. Below are the three types of changes in ITIL.

Three Types of ITIL Changes

Normal Change – a change that follows all of the steps of the change process. It gets reviewed by either a change manager or the change advisory board.

Standard Change – a pre-approved change that is low risk, relatively common and follows a procedure or work instruction. An example of a standard change is the password reset or the new employee starter kit giving this person all of the materials necessary to do the job.

Emergency Change – a change that must be introduced as soon as possible. This specific change is handled by the emergency change advisory board not the usual change advisory board.

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