Project Management Consulting Products

Phenomena Consulting offers a wide array of project management consulting products. We work with sole proprietorships, small and emerging (medium-sized) businesses, and corporations. Below are our offerings:

Paid Consultation Fee (Needs Analysis)

  • Solopreneur: $197
  • Small and emerging (medium-sized) businesses: $297
  • Corporations: $497

Triple constraint (baselines) – analyzes scope, time and cost baselines.

Triple constraint (baselines and project management plan analyses): analyzes the scope, time and cost baselines and scope, schedule and cost management plans. The scheduling management plan contains the project schedule which can be very intricate. The cost management plan contains earned value management which can very intricate.

Comprehensive project management assessment – The comprehensive assessment comprises of all of the subsidiary project management plans in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMBOK is the official guide for certified PMPs. Phenomena has certified PMPs working on these assignments.

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